Corol Match version history

  1. # 2023-07-08 (0.1): first version
  2. # 2023-07-08 (0.2): added a tutorial; made the ceiling tilt slightly when you press an arrow; improved what happens when disconnected chunks fall down
  3. # 2023-07-08 (0.3): added wild blocks; some appearance tweaks
  4. # 2023-07-08 (0.4): added music and sound effects; probably a few other tweaks
  5. # 2023-07-09 (1.0): added "Other modes" option; changed the title screen a bit; made the game over sound effect play during the tutorial
  6. # 2023-07-09 (1.0.1, jam version): fixed typo (WAS should be WSD for the 2-player controls)
  7. # 2023-07-20 (1.1):
    • changed how the game determines how long before a piece falls (includes a larger difference between the slowest and fastest speeds), and made it so piece movement is faster in faster speeds
    • changed how the computer determines where to place a piece, and made it not always drop immediately (should make the game easier)
    • made it so you can move a piece farther while it's falling
    • added a warning sound and exclamation mark when a side is almost full
    • made the sound of a piece dropping more audible and made its pitch indicate where it was dropped
    • show the current mode above the score
    • fix the description for the 2-player modes again (should be ASD, not WAS or WSD; it's up that this game doesn't use)
    • fixed a bug where touch controls wouldn't show up when Auto was chosen (the default)
    • removed the analog touch control options from the menu (that was part of my template, but it doesn't apply to this game)
  8. # 2023-08-19 (1.1.1): fixed a bug where the background of the pause screen is black on some browsers