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LGBTQ+ pride!

I wish for a world where everyone can live the life they want to live, as a gender they're comfortable as, with the sort of relationship or lack thereof they want, without fear of discrimination, not just straight people but also gay, bi, pan, and ace, not just cisgender people but also transgender and nonbinary people, not just those who society considers normal but also people who society considers weird, not just people who fit neatly into categories but also those who don't.

I'm chri d. d.; I sometimes post on forums and blogs using the name chridd, though according to Google I'm not the only person who uses that name for something (i.e., when I search for "chridd" on Google, I get mostly things that have nothing to do with me). More information about me.

Sometimes I make stuff; this is my site to put various things that I make. I don't know how much of it will be of interest to people, but I hope at least something will be of interest to someone.

I don't have any sort of consistent upload schedule for anything. Sometimes I may upload frequently, other times not as much; and if I haven't added to or updated some section in a while, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to add more to it at some point later. You can look at the "What's new" section below to get an idea of how frequently I've been adding stuff recently.

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