Ctrl+Out version history

  1. # 2020-07-11 (1.0): first version
  2. # 2020-07-12, before the jam deadline (1.1): more interesting backgrounds, more sound effects, smoother transitions between screens, mouse cursor in the introduction
  3. # 2020-07-12, before the jam deadline (1.2): hide the edges of the screen in full-screen mode; made the computer chips look more like computer chips; minor shop pricing tweak
  4. # 2020-07-12, before the jam deadline (1.2.1, jam version): switch level 2 and 3 music
  5. # 2020-07-12, after the jam deadline (1.2.2): hopefully fix an error
  6. # 2020-07-24 (1.3): added the Options menu that I use in my other games (including a sound test), replacing the "mute" and "full screen" options that were there before; added a "security log" to the background; added typing sound to intro, and made it skippable!; made it easier to enter paths; some changes to enemy movement and room generation that should hopefully make things both easier and less in the player's control; added some text to the title screen and made some minor cosmetic changes to the title screen and ending; added back the ability to pause or mute by pressing "P" or "M"; added developer commentary
  7. # 2020-07-26 (1.3.1): hopefully fix a bug with exiting full screen mode on itch.io; added a couple notes to the developer commentary
  8. # 2020-07-26 (1.3.2): fixed a very minor hard-to-noticed graphical bug; added a section about the 1.3 update to the commentary
  9. # 2020-07-28 (1.4): completely changed the way fighting enemies works, so enemies appear less often and you now have one-on-one battles that you can't leave until you hit the enemy or the enemy hits you; added and changed a bunch of text to hopefully make things clearer; changed the probabilities of generating stores and locks

Note: I made version 1.2.2 available on my website during the judging period for the game jam. I added the following to the description on itch.io (which had the older version):

If you're playing this after the jam and judging have ended, I recommend playing on my website, since I tend to update games on my website more often than itch. [This paragraph was already there]

Dev high score: 3060

[UPDATE: I found a bug after the submission deadline.  If you get an error when trying to enter a path, that's not intended; the version on my website linked above has a post-jam change that will hopefully fix that.]

[Update clarification: Just to make things clearer, the bug is dependent on both the random number generator and what you do while playing, so you might get lucky or unlucky.]