The Buffet

Prompt: You're stuck in an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Help! I'm stuck in this all-you-can-eat pizza buffet! I'll — wait... PIZZA! There's PIZZA! I want PIZZA! Mmm... pepperoni, yum.

So I took some pieces of pizza and went to the table. I started eating a piece... mmm, the pepperoni did taste good, as did the Canadian bacon/pineapple and the combination. I went back for more. Mmm... more pizza. Mmm... more pizza. I just kept going back and going back.

Then... hmm, dessert sounds good right now. Maybe some ice cream, some cupcakes, some donuts (darn, they don't serve those here), some cinnamon rolls, some cookies, maybe they'll have brownies... need food... dessert... sweet... sugar... starving... can't think...

So I took the dessert back to my place at the table and ate it. Then I was full, so I decided to leave.

Wait, I have to pay? Aaa, I guess I'm just stuck here until I can pay. I'll have to go get seconds. Mmm... pepperoni pizza. Take. Canadian bacon/pineapple. Take. Combination thingy. Take. Walk back. Eat. Get more. Etc. Repeat.

Still can't pay. Must get more.

And so on, to infinity.

[If someone ate infinitely much at an all-you-can-eat buffet where one pays on the way out, could they get the meal free?]