The Jerk (2)

Prompt: Write like a jerk about jerk-like stuff

"He just had to give that prompt again, didn't he? I'll show that human... Yes, human. Humans are evil, especially teachers. Who came up with this homework thing anyway?! I mean, they're suppressing creativity! I could be doing something creative like... you know... not writing. Yes, not writing is more creative than writing. Anyone knows that! What kind of bleep puts the words creative and writing together in the same sentence, anyways?! Writing something, that should be left to machines, like iPens. Yes, I'd get an iPen and have it do this writing for me but nooo... I have to write it all myself! What an idiot this teacher is! Why am I even taking this bleep stupid class?! Why can't I just spend the day picking on bleep little kids instead?! That would be great! Hey, little kid! Come here! I have a surprise for you! *POW* Take that! *POW* and that! *POW* Hey, you, with the pencil! Yeah, you, c—

[DISCLAIMER: This story is told from the perspective of an imaginary character (a "jerk"). The views expressed by this character are not the views of the author!]