Once there was a person, and there was another person. One person was evil and the other is good.

"We can't both live", said the evil person. "We must somehow sort out our differences."

"We can live together in peace!" said the good person.

"No we can't!"

"But I won't get involved in any fight with physical violence", said the good person.

"Then I challenge you... to a children's card game!"

"What, Yu-Gi-Oh? But I've never played!"

"Neither have I. No, we're playing War."

9 beats 5. 6 beats 3. 10 beats 2.

[skip several pages]

10 beats 9. 3-3 WAR! 5 beats 4.

[skip several pages]

"I won!" said the good person.

"Darn, now I'll have to surrender the universe", said the bad person.

And they lived happily ever after.