The Mouth

Prompt: Write harmlessly about some body part

"Hello, I am a mouth", said the mouth. "I like to eat and talk and eat and talk."

"Hi, mou—" said the hand.

"I can also sing. Like this: LAAAA!"

"That's wond—"

"And I can make clicky noises with my teeth. Ooh, do you have any food?"

"No, I—"

"Donuts, I like donuts, do you have any donuts"

"I told—"

"Or cookies. I like cookies. Do you have any cookies?"


"Oh, and I can speak different languages. Sprecken Sie Deutsch? ¿Hablas español? Oday ouyay eakspay Igpay Atinlay?"

"No, I can—"

"Oh and I can smile, see? :-) And frown. :-( And stick my tongue out. :-P Ang I cang calk wikh my congue thkicking ouc."


"And I can—"

The hand covered the mouth.

"mmm mmhmhmm mhmmmhm!"