The Dream and The Something

The Dream

Ze went to sleep. Once asleep, ze started seeing images and hearing noises.

Who am I? ze thought, as ze watched these strange and wonderful hallucinations. I don't even know my name.

"Your name", said a voice, in zir dream, "is Ze."

And ze thought to zemself, It is quite odd that while I am lying here motionless with nothing going on around me that I am seeing and hearing so much.

"Welcome to Dream-Land", said the voice.

And ze looked around. Ze saw a house. It was a house quite like one ze had seen before—in fact, ze was sure that in real life ze was in the house—but it was different in some way. Ze walked towards the house; further inspection revealed that the house in the dream was red. Zir house was blue. Ze opened the door and stepped inside, and ze found zemself in a big forest.

"How odd", ze said.

"Well, you are in a dream", said the voice.

Just then many winged alligators swooped down and ze woke up suddenly.

"Whew! I'm glad that was just a dream", ze said, and ze went back to sleep.

The Something

Once upon a time there was something.

"Who am I?" it asked.

"I don't know", said the author.

"Maybe I'm a pizza", said the something.

"Okay", said the author. The pizza disappeared into the author's stomach.

"I don't exist", said the something.

Then there was another something.

"I'm an ice cream", said the other something.

"Am I hungry?" asked the author.

"No, of course not", said the ice cream and backed away slowly. The ice cream stopped existing.

"I'm sleep", said the third something.

The author tried to catch the sleep, but it hid behind the writing notebook.

The author put the notebook aside. It was time to get some sleep.