Prompt: Write a dialogue

"I can't remember any dialogues", I thought to myself.

"Me neither", myself thought to me.

"What's with that ue on the end of dialogue, anyways?" I thought.

"I don't know", myself thought. "I wouldn't put it there if I was writing it. Maybe it's a British thing."

"Oh, and why not use punctuation both inside and outside quotation markes?", I thought.

"That would make it more like a computer program.\n", myself thought.

"When I was little, I invented the symbols (exclamation point with a comma instead of a dot) and (question mark with a comma instead of a dot) for dialog. What do you think about that?," I thought.

"Well, I don't put the comma inside the quotes anymore", myself thought, "so it wouldn't be that helpful."

"Does it count as dialog if I'm thinking the whole thing?" I thought.

"Sure", myself thought.

"When I was younger I colored dialog to make it easier to tell who's talking."

"Wow, that's extremely helpful when you don't say 'I said' or 'ze said' all the time."


"Otherwise it can get confusing."

"Can you remember who's saying what?"

"No, can you?"

"I think I'm me."

"No, I'm me. You're myself."

"No, you're myself."

"No, you are", thought myself.

"Ah, now that's clearer."

"Yes, it is."