Deliciously detailed description of my bedroom

Prompt: Describe, in delicious detail, your bedroom or other private place

So, I was lying awake in bed, thinking about my room, when suddenly I remembered this prompt about describing your room.

Some things to note – my favorite species of animal is cats. My favorite species used to be (around 3rd-4th grade) frogs (specifically strawberry poison-dart frogs). Looking around my room it is fairly obvious that I haven't redecorated in quite a while. The other thing is that my room was painted recently, so not everything is where it normally is. Figure 1 (svg)

So – my room. It's fairly rectangular, although it has a window seat directly adjacent to the rectangle, and it has an additional square area where the door is. There is also a closet, which I rarely use (but apparently my mom uses it). (See figure 1.)

In the northeast corner there is a desk which has my computer (a Mac mini), the computer's keyboard, mouse, and monitor (the mouse is usually on a mousepad on top of the computer), and usually a big pile of stuff. It also usually has another computer – a Linux computer named Lina Ubuntu Freekbox which I built at Free Geek – but that computer is currently on the floor. There is also a black swively chair in front of the desk. In the side of the desk on a shelf thingy is the clock with red numbers, which amazingly is actually correct. (Often it's blinking from a power outage.)

To the south of the desk, separating the computer area from my bed area is the train table. I got that table when I was very young; it originally had a toy train set on it (hence the name). Now the toy train set isn't there anymore, and its purpose is accumulating piles of stuff. Some examples that I can see from here: some magazines (not sure what), a mouse puppet, a couple of bags that I don't know what they contain, 3D representations of a tesseract and a pentachoron, a controller for a remote-controlled car, and a pile containing pieces of paper and comics sections from newspapers. Parallel to the train table, on the computer side, is an electronic keyboard which is currently not plugged in.

In the southwest corner is a bookshelf, which normally has books on it. (They were taken out so it could be moved so the painters could paint.) However, it still has a stuffed-animal chipmunk, a ball, and three birds that are supposed to sing if you Press Here. Directly to the east is my bed, with the head at the south end. To the east of that, in the corner, is a chest of drawers. I don't really use the drawers, except one, which I put my jammies in. However, I do use the top of the chest of drawers as a table – it has, among other things, everything I normally carry in my pockets – money, keys, pencils, cell phone (which I use as an alarm clock – it plays the Super Mario Bros. theme), student ID, and bus pass. It also currently has a granola bar wrapper, my Nintendo DS, a couple of dishes, a scarf, and a picture of a leopard captioned "ART WOLFE / Leopard · South Africa". I used to think that since the picture said "ART WOLFE" on it, it must be a drawing or painting ("art") of a wolf. Directly to the north of the chest of drawers is my nightstand, which has 3 cups of water, the manual for my (now lost) TI-89, a newspaper comics section, a Game Boy cartridge, and the cover for my black clock. (I haven't seen that clock recently, but I used to like it since it was always slow, meaning it was not, by that clock, bathtime yet.)

On the window seat is a toy box which I haven't looked into in a long time. On the toy box is a 3D map of a US state. There is also a live Christmas tree (with lights), a bag of unused presents, and any clean clothes that I might happen to have. (Dirty clothes are in my laundry basket, which looks exactly the same as the wastebaskets in the rest of the house. It is in front of the bookshelf.)

The north wall is corkboard. When I was much younger, I wanted my room to look like a treehouse, so I (and my mom) put up big sheets of paper on that wall so I could draw the wall of a treehouse. However, I didn't get around to actually drawing much of anything. (Also, some of the pieces of paper are falling down.) There are a bunch of things on that wall now, covering the paper, including some awards, some pictures from a long time ago, some posters I made for school (an about-myself poster from fourth grade with cutouts from magazine; a poster about the author Michael Hoeye; and an alternate futures poster from fifth grade), a cloud with lightning (used as the background for an eighth-grade talk about Benjamin Franklin), a poster with the alphabet, where each letter is a picture of a butterfly wing (did cavemen write by cutting up butterflies?), a nametag from my third-grade desk, and a map of one of my made-up countries. Figure 2 (svg)

The south wall has fingerpaintings from my Calculus class. It used to have a poster of a car, but I haven't been interested in cars since around preschool, and the poster kept coming down. The wall of the window seat area has a frog clock, which used to make frog sounds every hour. The second hand of this clock sticks out in both directions; the part pointing to the current second is as long as the minute hand, and the part directly opposite about as long as the hour hand. When I'm bored, I notice when the hour hand bisects the angle between the long part of the second hand and the minute hand, or when the minute hand bisects the angle between the short part of the second hand and the hour hand (Figure 2). Hanging from my ceiling are a tetrahedron, octahedron, and icosahedron that I made from straws and pipe cleaners.

Wow. That was long. Was that enough detail?

(Oh, and I forgot to mention the frog shelf, which was taken down because of the painting. It was two red boards, held up by a blue metal wire-y thingy that was shaped into pictures of frogs and bugs. It had frogs on it, though other stuff was added later.)