Searchable Index Diachronica version history

  1. #2016-07-09: First version (Index Diachronica version 7.7)
  2. #2016-07-11: Some formatting tweaks
  3. #2016-07-12: Change the search table to not show diacritics by default
  4. #2016-07-22: Update the Unicode PDF to version 10.2
  5. #2016-07-23: Update the searchable version to version 10.2
  6. #2016-07-24: Some behind-the-scenes changes that shouldn't affect anything (but will hopefully make things faster and/or cost less in resource charges)
  7. #2017-06-01: Switched the Unicode PDF font from Liberation Serif to Charis SIL (so that diacritics are aligned properly); added options to search for capital letters and other symbols; fix previously-mentioned changes to make it faster/more efficient
  8. #2017-06-08: One of these days I'm going to get the code that's supposed to make it faster/more efficient right
  9. #2017-06-12: Add a favicon, fix pluralses (1 matches, 1 results)
  10. #2017-07-02: Also search contexts (e.g., s now shows changes like t → ∅ / _s#); fix searching for certain symbols (# & +), and also maybe improve browser compatibility
  11. #2020-06-17: Add affricates to the table
  12. #2020-06-19: Also added lateral affricates, which I forgot the first time
  13. #2020-10-17: Add diphthongs (if you click a vowel)
  14. #2020-12-15:
    • Some fixes to affricate handling (made /t͜s/ etc. appear when searching for /ts/; added affricates to the full table; made sure the under/overbar is always on the right character; some behind-the-scenes fixes to an issue that would make other changes harder)
    • Add coarticulated /k͜p/, /ɡ͜b/, /ŋ͜m/ to the table (since those are handled the same as affricates; also moved /ʍ w/ over, because now there's a labial-velar column)
    • Put a dotted circle under diacritics in more places
  15. #2020-12-17: Make it so superscript and subscript numbers are treated separately (so now you can search for tones by clicking 1, 2, etc.)
  16. #2020-12-31: Add the option to search for bracketed things ([+voice], [-front], etc.), and fixed a bug where searching for a sound would sometimes match things in brackets (e.g., searching /i/ would match the context of "#_U[+high pitch]")
  17. #2022-01-28: Re-added the Bitbucket link to the footer, at least for now
  18. #2022-01-29: Added the section "Some notes about sources and data files" to the home page, and added information to the readme on Bitbucket about the format of the data files