Esolangs version history

DateLanguageWhat changed
#2010-08-21 Try
first version on a website; Try and 42 only included interpreters as Java applets, Unoop was already at version 2.1, and Useless didn't include any interpreter
#2012-09-29 CLWPAnew language
added downloadable versions of applets
new languages
#2013-11-15Actionsnew language
#2013-11-18Simple Stacknew language
#2014-08-28Actionsadded a link to download the interpreter that I somehow forgot to include the first time
#2015-06-18fracasmnew language
added short descriptions of the languages to the main page
#2015-08-09first version on; moved the Java source code into its own .zip file instead of hiding it in the main .jar file
#2015-09-15Tryadded JavaScript interpreter, which has a few new features (current_time, tau, and input_mode special variables; notimplemented and notimetravel exceptions; and various parser differences documented there)
#2015-09-17Symbolsnew language
#2015-09-1842added JavaScript interpreter and a section on translating from Brainfuck to 42
#2015-10-16Uselessadded an interpreter (it's a useless interpreter, though)
#2016-04-01Unbrokennew language
#2016-04-21added link to transfer local storage to the https version of my site
#2020-05-18Undonew language
#2020-05-20Undofix a couple bugs relating to syntax error handling; make \ actually do something
#2020-05-23Unoopmade the interpreter work with Python 3 and included examples (which I wrote when I first made the language)
fracasmmade the interpreter work with Python 3 and made version 1.1
added this version history page
updated the interpreters to work with newer versions of Haskell
tried to clarify some stuff in the language descriptions
added tables of contents to all language descriptions
added %% comments to T-Write
added translation from Brainfuck and list of examples sections to TurExp's description
#2020-06-24Rewrote the thing talking about what the brackets after the language names mean and moved it to the top
Some formatting changes
CWLPAMoved the applet to its own page
#2020-06-25Some formatting etc. changes to all pages
Added tables of contents to most pages that didn't already have them
CLWPAClarified a few things
Added a section about version differences
#2020-07-02Simple StackSimple Stack 1.1: adds input, trailing commas, a bunch of interface changes (including saving), and some changes to the wording of the description
The older version is still available on a separate page
#2020-08-07Loopynew language
#2020-08-1542fixed bug where ≤ and ≥ incorrectly acted like < and >
#2020-09-13RE-typenew language (has its own version history)
#2020-09-20Symbolsadded a JavaScript interpreter (version 2.0), which has some new commands
updated the examples in the .zip of the Java version so they all work
#2020-09-25Conew language