Walk and Jump version history

  1. 2018-01-14 (0.1, jam version): first version (unfinished; only has armadillo, rabbit, squirrel and two hearts)
  2. 2018-01-20 (0.1.1): added "End of what I have so far. More coming 'Soon'™." message when you get to a place I haven't made yet.
  3. 2018-03-18 (0.2): not much more content yet (still the same number of animals to rescue), but a lot of polish on what I do have: better graphics, music, sound effects, animation when you defeat a frame, some changes to the physics and level layout; also I added actual stuff to the squirrel area (also a bunch of content that you can't access yet without cheats)
  4. 2018-03-19 (0.2.1): some bugfixes (mostly Safari compatibility stuff)
  5. 2018-07-01 (0.3): more content (and some changes to existing content), but I still haven't gotten around to making the next area after what I had previously, so most of it is still not accessible without cheats
  6. 2018-07-02 (0.3.1): updated the version number on the title screen