Misc. Haskell stuff

Chain compare

Define chained operators, for ease of entering expressions like 1 < 2 < 3. This module defines three extra variations of each of the operators <, <=, and ==, for use at the beginning, middle, and end of such chains. These operators have dots on the inside of the chain, for instance:

x <. y .< z
1 <. 2 .<. 3 .<=. 3 .< 4
square (0,0) ==. square (0,1) .== square (0,2)

These operators are defined to be left-associative and the same precedence as the ordinary comparison operators.

Download ChainCompare.hs (view)

Function equality

Defines instances of Show, Eq, and Ord for functions.


Also provides an inverse function which can invert certain functions

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