JavaScript equality version history

  1. #2014-06-03: made the original, non-interactive version (but didn't link it anywhere
  2. #2015-10-13: made the first version of the interactive program and wrote some explanation
  3. #2015-10-15: added more detail to the explanation, added a section on the transitive closure of ==, and added the transitive closure of == to the interactive program
  4. #2015-10-15: added
  5. #2021-01-31: bigints and other miscellaneous updates
    • added support for bigints: now bigints are colored differently, added 0n and 1n to the table by default, added information about bigints to the explanation, and updated the transitive closure section to account for bigints
    • other updates to the interactive part:
      • made it show exceptions in a different color
      • added different presets for things to compare
      • made the table visible even with JavaScript disabled
      • added different options for color schemes
      • added quotes around strings and brackets around arrays (but faded out to distinguish it from the actual content)
      • changed the font for the table
    • other updates to the explanations:
      • added a section about other operators
      • fixed some wrong information about -0 and mentioned normalization
      • mentioned document.all