My Very Educated Moths

It's graduation time at Moth University, and this year, as usual, the entire class majored in nacho making. No one has majored in pizza baking since 2006, which is why Charon, one of the managers at Nine Pizzas, is so desperate for new hires that he's resorted to trickery. He built many new Nine Pizzas franchises surrounding the nacho restaurant (just off-screen), and has been throwing lights around randomly to try to trick the aspiring nacho chefs into going to his restaurant instead. Now they're all spending their days making pizzas, instead of nachos! It's up to you to guide the moths to their dream job at the nacho restaurant!

Controls: Use the mouse to move the flame. Moths will go towards the nearest light, and have a tendency to orbit a light when left alone. Make sure moths don't go too far off-screen, and make sure they don't touch your flame or they'll burn up.

Made for eevee's GAMES MADE QVIICK??? HD Remix jam, with the theme "moths".