One Way version history

  1. # 2018-09-01 (0.1): initial version
  2. # 2018-09-01 (0.1.1): add a goal after what I have so far
  3. # 2018-09-01 (0.2, jam version): add some more abilities
  4. # 2018-09-02 (0.2.1): fix a bug in the detection of when you've gone off the bottom of the screen
  5. # 2020-03-15 (0.2.2): some changes to the code which should hopefully fix the clipping-through-the-floor issues; removed the menu when you played the Tune of Resetting and added an option to return to the title screen to the pause menu; added an option to change where the camera is; improved touch controls (and add a new menu for touch options)
  6. # 2020-07-03 (0.2.3): added "Fill window" option, made some menus look a bit nicer (also some internal changes that will hopefully make making more games easier)
  7. # 2020-07-08 (0.2.4): fixed a bug where "Full screen" would result in a temporarily blank screen in certain situations; disabled touch control options that don't apply given other options you've selected
  8. # 2022-07-18 (0.2.5): alt-enter now enters full screen; pressing pause while paused now unpauses; fixed a bug where the game didn't load if web audio wasn't available or audio-common.js was blocked; (hopefully) fixed an issue I was having where the "lose" sound effect sometimes cuts off; made the level fade-in a bit nicer

Note: I made version 0.2.1 available on my website during the judging period for the game jam. I added the following to the description on (which had the older version):

UPDATE: It appears that a change I made at the last minute broke the ability to get the second piece of music. If you care about seeing what exactly I got in on time, you can play the version here (the tune is in one of my comment replies on the submission page); but if you want to actually experience (something a bit closer to) what I was going for, you can play the fixed version on my website (with the knowledge that there is one small-but-important change there I didn't get in on time). (I hope I did the right thing here...)

Oh, and I forgot to put the controls in the description. Arrow keys and Z, or WASD and J.