Orb manual


The story

A circle named O was minding her own business, when suddenly she came across an evil wizard, who was a triangle. The wizard saw the circle, and saw that she had only one side. The wizard disliked that the circle had only one side, so he cast an evil curse on the circle, confining her to a one-sided surface, a Möbius strip. The circle tried as hard as she could to escape, but every time she got free, she ended up on another Möbius strip.

Eventually, she broke free, only to find herself in an infinitely-long plane. However, the wizard found her and painted a question mark on her? This made her confused? Why was there a question mark on her? Just then, she noticed where she was? She was at the end of a level, and she looked just like a goal orb? And a speedrunner was headed her way, trying to collect her‽ She tried moving around, only to find out she couldn't? Fortunately, she could still jump? How far can she get before the hero catches her?

The goal

The goal is to get as far along in the level as you can without getting caught by the speedrunner, using downwards slopes to gain speed. Your score, shown in the upper-left corner of the screen, is the distance you've gone, in pixels (at the default size). There's no ending; the game will continue as long as you survive. See how high of a score you can get.


Press P, escape, or enter to pause the game. Press M to mute or unmute. Every other key* does the same thing. If you're using a touch device, you can also do that same thing by tapping anywhere within the game.

* There are a few keys that won't work, like F1-F12, Tab, and anything reserved by the operating system. Also, on Mac OS (at least in some versions/browsers), Caps Lock doesn't work correctly.


There are many power-ups floating in midair. Touch one to pick it up, and press a key to use it. If you touch a power-up while you already have a power-up, you'll lose the power-up you already have. Generally, power-ups can only be used once.


Click "Options?" on the title screen or pause screen to get to the options menu.

Tips and tricks