Rolling Cubes manual

Rolling Cubes is a game about rolling dice around. The default controls are arrow keys or WASD; these can be changed in the options. You can also press P or Escape to pause.

There are two game types, which can be chosen on the title screen; in both types, the goal is to get a high score, and you get points by matching three or more dice of the same number. There are also two difficulty levels for each game; in the easier difficulty, each die only has three numbers, each of which appears twice.


Type A

Dice will appear on the board at regular intervals. Press any arrow key to move all of the dice in that direction. If you match three or more of the same number, then those dice will disappear, and you'll be awarded points. You'll be awarded more points if you get more than 3 dice at a time, or if you get multiple matches in quick succession. (Each die gets 10 points times the number of dice currently in their disappearing animation.)

If you press Left or Right, then any die that doesn't have another die directly to its left or right will roll, changing the number on the die; if it does have a die directly to its left or right, then it'll slide, keeping the same number. Likewise, if you press Up or Down, then any die that doesn't have another above or below it will roll.

The game will end after a 60-second timer finishes, or if the entire board is filled up.

There are two variants of this mode available in Assist Options. If you choose "Manually add cubes in Type A", then cubes will not fall at regular intervals, and you'll have to press whatever key you've assigned to "Button 1" (default Z or J) to drop a new die. If you choose "Untimed Type A", then the game will not end when the 60-second timer finishes; it'll only end if the entire board is filled up.

Type B

Dice will appear in the middle top of the board, on the square marked in red, in random orientations. These dice will fall while rolling down. You can press Left or Right to roll the falling die left or right, or Down to make it fall faster. Pressing Up will will cause the die to immediately roll to the bottom, in the same orientation as if it fell normally, and will award 5 points for each space that it fell.

Once a die reaches the bottom, if any three dice with the same number match, then those dice will disappear and points will be awarded (for each die, 10 times the number of dice that have been matched). Then any dice left in the air will fall down; any dice with no dice above or below them will roll to a different number, whereas any dice that do have another above or below them will slide (same as if you pressed Down in Type A). If this matches more dice, then those will disappear and you'll be awarded more points (double points if they've fallen once, triple if they've fallen twice, etc.).

The game will end if there's already a die in the red square at the top of the board when a new die is about to appear.

In Assist Options, you can choose "Manually drop in Type B"; if this option is selected, then cubes will not fall on their own, and you'll have to instead press Down or Up.



Use Audio options to control the volume of the music and sound effects. You can also mute or unmute all audio by pressing M.

Inline/Fill window/Full screen controls how much of the screen the game takes up. "Fill window" is not available when the game is embedded in another site (e.g. on


Assist options was mostly discussed in earlier sections. Game speed just slows down (or speeds up) the entire game (100% is the default, lower numbers are slower).

Controls remaps the controls

Don't save high scores: If this is on, then new high scores will not be saved, but existing high scores will be kept.

Reset high score: Resets the high score for the current game type. If you want to reset all high scores, you'll need to choose all the game types on the title screen and reset each one separately.