Stop and smell the flowers version history

  1. # 2019-06-30 (1.0, jam version): first version
  2. # 2019-06-30 (1.1, jam version): black and white mode, zooming option, enable touch controls (virtual D-pad), update description, improve browser compatibility
  3. # 2019-06-30 (1.2, technically post-jam version): touch/mouse controls, option for simple graphics, a couple minor changes
  4. # 2019-06-30 (1.2.1): fix touch screen problem (at least on my iPhone)
  5. # 2020-03-18 (1.3): tweaked movement a bit (less change of direction when stopping); added option to use a virtual D-pad again for touch controls or a virtual joystick; add "All flowers" option to assist options; start at the location shown on the title screen; slight changes to the appearance of menus
  6. # 2020-07-03 (1.3.1): added "Fill window" option (also some more internal changes that will hopefully make making more games easier)
  7. # 2020-07-08 (1.3.2): fixed a bug where "Full screen" would result in a temporarily blank screen in certain situations; disabled touch control options that don't apply given other options you've selected