Synthesizer version history

  1. #2016-04-29: First version: four waveforms, simple envelopes, any equal temperament scale, piano or simple keyboard (mouse/touch only)
  2. #2016-05-01: More tuning options
  3. #2016-06-13: More instruments/synthesis options: pulse (rectangular) wave, non-symmetric triangle wave, basic additive synthesis, wave with lowpass filter (subtractive synthesis), basic FM synthesis
  4. #2016-07-18: More instruments/synthesis options: sampled piano, bandpass noise
  5. #2016-10-30: More sampled instruments (based on the instruments that I have available to me): harpsichord, monochord, gongs, crotales, glockenspiel, two kinds of windchimes, mbira, whirly tube
  6. #2016-11-06: Add instruments/synthesis options: Shepard tone, note cluster [not sure if this last one has an established name]
  7. #2017-05-10: Add option to play notes using a computer keyboard; add sustain pedal; change the way you move/scroll the keyboard
  8. #2017-07-26: Add the ability to record stuff; add scales based on the overtone and undertone series; add subharmonic instrument (because I was curious what it would sound like)
  9. #2019-03-18: Add "comb noise" instrument; add Euler–Fokker genus scale (was recently mentioned on a Discord server I'm on); moved info about the Java version to this page
  10. #2019-12-09: Add "Arbitrary additive" instrument type; add "Scale of harmonics" and "Arbitrary intervals" scales; added the option for some scales to repeat at an interval other than an octave
  11. #2021-04-10: Some bugfixes: made it so that it's possible to tell if the Pedal button is pressed (this was broken by a change to my site's stylesheet); made it so "Save" buttons no longer incorrectly say "Duplicate"; added links to other synthesizer-related things on my website