Black lives matter!

[This message was linked from my home page for most of June 2020.]

Content warning: Contains reference to political subjects

Black lives matter! Trans rights! LGBT+ pride!

I wish for a world in which everyone, not just white people, straight people, and cisgender people can live their life in peace without fear of discrimination or police violence, and where police officers (if there are any) would only solve crimes rather than commit them. Even if it were the case that most officers were good—something that recent events have been making more and more clear probably isn't the case—crimes committed by police officers should be given more serious punishment with less assumption of innocence than those committed by ordinary people, rather than the other way around.

I know me typing this probably isn't going to change much, but… I don't know what will. When powerful people do bad things it just feels… frustrating to me, like there's nothing that can be done… just makes me feel angry. That's a big part of why I don't usually post political stuff on this site. Maybe something can actually change this time for the better? Please? Pretty please?