About "Time again"

xkcd is a webcomic. xkcd number 1190, titled "Time", is an unusual comic strip in that it changes over time. However, this means that anyone coming late to the site doesn't get to experience it the way that people who followed it from the beginning did. Therefore, I wrote a program to replay it at its original speed, starting from whenever you first open the page (or rather, the start of the hour when you opened the page).

There already exist ways to view the comic; many are listed on the xkcd Time Wiki; if you just want to see the whole thing, and don't care about seeing it at its original speed, you can use one of those. However, none of them seem to do it the way I'm doing it (mrob's viewer is similar, but it only starts on the anniversary of the comic being published).

Using this viewer


The images were, of course, from xkcd. In addition, I used the following sources: (WARNING: links contain spoilers about things that happen later in the comic)