Another idea for abolishing time zones

...just an idea that I had for an alternative to time zones that doesn't have the issue of what day it is changing in the middle of the day. Not that I expect it to actually be used, since day and time keeping are fairly entrenched and reforms like this never catch on, and since probably not many people will see this anyways.

Times are always written in UTC±12:00, using a 24-hour clock. Dates are the same as they are currently, changing at midnight local time rather than at 0:00. After the time, the letter "E" or "L" is written. Between local midnight (when the day changes) and 0:00, the letter "E" (for "early") is used; between 0:00 and local midnight, the letter "L" (for "late") is used. This means that every date/time can be written in two different ways, depending on the time zone (e.g., 5:00 L Monday = 5:00 E Tuesday).



Some of these problems can be solved by allowing EE, which is a day ahead of E, and LL, which is a day behind L.


: UTC in the current system

: E (east)

: L (west)