Obsolete bookmarklets, user scripts, etc.

About this page

This is a page for things that were on my main user scripts page that no longer work or are no longer necessary. See that page for more details, and also see that page for things that actually work.


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No YT Autohide [B]

Since I have the stylesheet (on the main page), I haven't been keeping the bookmarklet up-to-date, and it doesn't really work anymore. (I should fix that at some point.)

Fix the new YouTube player so that the playback bar is always visible and doesn't cover up the bottom of the video. Apply the user style (better), OR put the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar, and click it when you have a video open (the bookmarklet will apply only to that tab).

Known issues:

Bookmarklet: No YT Autohide (bookmark this link)



Enable TVTropes display options [G]

Update: This script seems to no longer be necessary since their latest redesign.

Current forum game scores (xkcd forums) [B]

(xkcd forums don't seem to exist anymore ☹)

(for example, with the Thread Necromancy Mexican Standoff thread open, clicking this bookmarklet takes you to the Thread Necromancy Mexican Standoff scores)

Go directly to the scores for the forum game you're currently viewing. If not available, go to the list of forum game scorekeepers. This is similar to clicking the link in my signature, except it works even if I haven't posted in the thread recently, and is more reliable when viewing new posts.

The bookmarklet: Forum game scores (bookmark this link)

javascript:if(!function(){var h2=document.getElementsByTagName('h2');if(h2.length==0)return;var a=h2[0].getElementsByTagName('a');if(a.length==0)return;var r=a[0].href.match(/^https?:\/\/(?:www\.)?(?:(?:forums3?|fora)\.xkcd\.com|echochamber\.me)\/viewtopic\.php\?([^#]+)/);if(!r)return;r=('&'+r[1]+'&').match(/&t=(\d+)&/);if(!r)return;return location='https://chridd.nfshost.com/fg/referer?t='+r[1];}())void(location='https://chridd.nfshost.com/fg/');



Fix Bitbucket scrolling [S]: Bitbucket for no apparent reason has the main content scrolling separately from the window, which makes scrolling work weirdly (scrolling diagonally doesn't work). User style: Fix Bitbucket scrolling (This doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.)