User scripts version history

DateWhichWhat changed
#2015-06-18 first version; had Eval JavaScript, Translate, Web Archive, and No YT Autohide
#2015-08-09 first version on
No YT Autohide updated the bookmarklet to work with newer versions of YouTube
#2015-08-14 No YT Autohide updated it again
#2015-08-23 MIDI new bookmarklets
#2016-02-01 reorganized the page so that some bookmarklets have longer descriptions and images
No YT Autohide made it so the mouse cursor doesn't disappear
Link borders new bookmarklet (also included stylesheet)
#2016-03-28 No YT Autohide added a user style for this
#2016-04-22 Translate, Web Archive use https
#2016-04-29 Web Archive made a user script in addition to the bookmarklet
changed the title ("Bookmarklets" to "Bookmarklets, user scripts, etc."), URL ("bookmarklets" to "user-scripts"), and description, since it's not just bookmarklets anymore; put more emphasis in the description on the No YT Autohide user style
#2016-12-29 MIDI use https on https pages (which didn't work at the time, but neither did http), and made it not use the deprecated JavaScript with statement
No YT Autohide fixed a typo that probably made it not look quite right on WebKit browsers
Link borders made it so the borders don't affect the layout of the page
#2017-01-22 Enable TVTropes display options new user script
#2017-03-20 Current forum game scores new bookmarklet
#2017-06-15 Fix Bitbucket scrolling new user style
#2017-08-26 Disable mobile viewport new bookmarklet
#2017-08-28 Disable mobile viewport fixed a slight mistake (not sure if the mistake actually caused problems)
#2017-10-20 No YT Autohide change that I think fixed a page layout issue (I'm writing this in 2021); also noted the bookmarklet hasn't been tested recently
#2018-07-22 Enable TVTropes display options note that it's no longer necessary
#2019-03-19 No YT Autohide change that I think also fixed a page layout issue
#2021-03-29 made a separate page for obsolete things; moved the No YT Autohide bookmarklet (not the user style), Enable TVTropes display options, Current forum game scores, and Fix Bitbucket scrolling there; also some changes to the known issues for some things
#2021-03-29 No YT Autohide made it so it no longer applies to embedded videos (which originally it didn't, but it broke at some point)
#2021-04-02 added this version history page
Web archive fixed it so hopefully the menu item won't appear multiple times anymore
#2021-04-11 Web archive fixed it so hopefully the menu item won't appear multiple times anymore (again; the first time didn't work right)
#2021-04-25 Delete fixed elements new bookmarklet
#2021-06-10 Talkhaus post times new bookmarklet and user script