Walk and Jump version history

  1. # 2017-11-19 (1.0): first version; very basic, purely went by the images (e.g. you could walk on text and such), you can jump up through stuff
  2. # 2017-11-20 (1.1, jam version): added climbing (but very glitchy), conversations fading out, ceilings are now solid, some objects (like trees and conversations) are no longer solid, add a map, and you can ride in a boat (though I didn't finish everything)
  3. # 2017-12-08 (1.2): fix some of the worst bugs with climbing (but there's still no animation for it), added touch controls, put the map directly on the pause screen, added an image to the title screen
  4. # 2018-01-23 (1.3): fix more collision; now everything at ground level mostly works
  5. # 2020-07-08 (1.4): added an Options menu like in my other games; added more options for touch controls; fixed the font-related links in the footer