Like, totally quotative like

Saturday, February 7, 2015


So, she was like, "I found this article on the linguistics of the 'quotative like'", and then he was like, "Like when you're like, 'she was like'?", and then she was all like, "Yeah."

Then she was all, "It features a quote from linguist, Patricia Cukor-Avila; she was all like 'Eventually all the people who hate this kind of thing are going to be dead, and the ones who use it are going to be in control.'"

And then he was like, "Wow. Turns out linguists are pretty hardcore", and she was all, "I think she means dead from old age", and then he was like "I'm gonna start using 'like' more, like, just in case."

Original: Quotative Like (1483)

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