Along the outside is a circle of text, with an arrow pointing to part of it that says, "Start Eating Here".  The text along the outside says, "the pizza crust goes all the way around the pizza, and unless I eat part of it, it doesn't have an end because the pizza crust goes all the way around the pizza...".  There are pieces of text going from the outside to the center, saying "[...and unless] I can take one of", "[ part of it, it] is cut into", "[...doesn't have an end] unless I eat one of", "[...because the pizza] is sliced into".  There is also text going from the center to the outside, saying, "lots of pieces [all the way around...]", "eight pieces [around the pizza...]", "these pieces of [the pizza...]", "many different pieces [and unless I eat...]".  There are words scattered throughout the middle saying, "pepperoni", "sauce", "cheese", "ham", "pineapple", and "toppings", each colored like the thing it represents.