A Day in the Life of Blank

Prompt: A Day in the Life of _____ (generalization of Pterry's prompt)

The alarm clock rang. A button on it pressed in, and it stopped. The sheets on the bed moved aside. The door on the bedroom opened and shut.

Footsteps were heard on the stairs. The door of the cupboard opened and shut as a box of cereal came out, opened up, and poured some of its contents into a bowl. The contents of the bowl were soon gone, and once again, a door opened and shut - this time, the door to the house.

Outside, the air was somewhat cold - not too cold. There were a few people out walking; some of them said "Hi", some waved. A few dogs barked.

The place of work was a few blocks from the house, but nobody entered. If one knew what day it was, and they looked at the sign, they could immediately tell why (assuming they were literate in English and had at least average intelligence).

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday Sunday CLOSED

A few blocks from that was the bus that went downtown. In downtown, there were numerous big buildings, including a library. In the library was a table, on which several books were stacked, and a comfortable chair in which a comic book was being read. Some of the books on the table were then checked out.

The signal on the crosswalk changed to WALK, and then back to DON'T WALK; then the door to the post office opened and closed. Inside the post office, several people got their packages sent.

"53¢. They raised the price again", said the person working at the post office. She took several dollar bills and handed out a roll of stamps.

The bus stop to go out of downtown was right there. A bus came and went. The mailbox on the house opened and closed, and some letters and magazines were carried inside. The computer in the house turned on and opened the email program. A message was read:


Can I see you tomorrow at 1:00?

The message was responded to in the negative. A magazine opened up, revealing an article about a study involving self-image. The magazine was abandoned in slight dislike in favor of a magazine of post-modern literature. The issue featured stories written in different persons - first person, second person, third person, and "fourth person". The last of these was a story in which the main character was not mentioned at all. The magazine was open to this page for a while, then set aside. Then a piece of modern music was played, which the composer had declared was in the key of B because that was the only note not in the piece.

By this time it was getting late. The lights in the house started turning off, bed covers moved, and a snoring noise filled the room. The end.