Pterry Pterrodactyl

Prompt: A day in the life of Terry

by chri d[ripped out] d[ripped out]

Pterry woke up and looked at the millions-of-years-ago world.
He had just returned from what was then the future
where he is now flying over your head as you read this.
He had used up ptoo much energy ptravelling through
ptime, so he couldn't really do anything for a few million
years until just now while you're reading this.  Pterry
must stay with this story and hope to get enough
energy to travel back through time.  To get
enough energy, he must eat, but because he must
also remain with this story, he will have to eat
this story, so read it quickly before he finishes eating it.

[Pterry ate this part of the paper
Read the story for more information]

since all pterodactyls eat paper.  Bad stuff can happen
when you try to keep things from happening after someone has
already traveled to the future and seen that it will
happen.  Pterry has seen you giving me candy, so
if you don't,
  Also, by the
time you read
this, some of the  [Pterry also ate this part of the paper]
paper will have been
eaten.  I'm trying
to write arou
won't succeed.