Prompt: (An image drawn by a classmate of a large, weird creature we were told was named "bob")

by chri dplrxn dntqjk, written on Plxrberary 45, 5241 BCE

Bob is something that qwyxltnmpis random letters in random plaxlnmnzyxies. Bob is just one name; every time you call him one thing, you instantly have to call him something different. Pxr is completely random; any time you try to look at it, it changes xrlptz of a story to random letters and looks different. Any time you think about Xls, you think of a random thought; any time you read something about him you read something random. Donuts are yummy.

Rlm is made of a different thing each time you try to find out what he's made of. Lwx can cause you to "remember" that he's always been that way. For example, look at a picture of him. That picture looked like a little mouse just a second ago; you can't remember that.

Xxz started out being the period at the end of this sentence  You can see now that Zxy has left the page and is in some random place. Stop reading Rly! Blr hates to be read! Rlxpzoyr rlrx pmndxzhzijiöblx! You can't know about Blg. Your memory will be erased. You used to know exactly what he is, but now you think you have read a story with random letters. That's the story on this side of the page. You actually read the story on the other side of the page.