Conversion and calculation version history

DatePageWhat changed
#2010-08-16 Number representations
Times of day
First version on old website
Numeric representations had positional notation; English, Spanish, and German number names; scientific notation, Roman numerals, medieval numbers, sexagesimal, and upside-down
Times (now no longer linked) had factors, color, seconds, percent, vectors
Bytes/charset had binary, hexadecimal, base64, ASCII/Latin-1, UTF-8, UCS-2 (actually UTF-16, but I didn't know JavaScript used UTF-16)
Original existed but wasn't linked anywhere
#2010-08-21 Bytes Some explanation, UCS-2 Little Endian, EBCDIC
Text New page; had normal, morse, and upside-down
#2010-09-08 Times of day Added Súiⱥcúili times
#2013-11-18 Number representations Limited the length of unary numbers (to prevent crashes)
Text Added "Music" and transliterations section (Greek, Katakana, Hiragana), and some Caesar ciphers (rot-n and atbash)
Added audio for Morse code
Fixed bug where I switched & and ' in upside-down
#2013-12-09 Time zones New page; included various time zones and mean solar time (then called "sun time")
#2013-12-23 Vectors New page
#2013-12-24 Number representations Converting negative numbers to Spanish now says it's not supported rather than incorrectly converting to English
Times of day Fixed mixing up AM/PM
#2014-01-09 Functions New page; allowed adding, subtracting, composing, and making parametric curves from lines, parabolas, and sine curves
#2014-03-14 Text Added Devanagari transliteration
#2014-03-24 Functions Added "custom expression" option (uses eval)
#2014-04-05 Measurements New page; had lengths, SI prefixes, bits and bytes, angles, times, and frequencies
#2014-07-11 Phonetics New page
#2014-07-14 Text Added Klingon transliteration
#2014-07-30 Text Added Cherokee and Hangul transliteration
Made the text boxes bigger
Hopefully fixed Klingon's font (forgot to upload a file...)
#2014-10-11 Text Added Soundex
#2014-11-11 Functions Added more options (draw a function; multiply, divide, derivative, antiderivative)
#2014-11-24 Times of day Allow entering a time, rather than just using the current time (I thought I'd already done that a long time ago...)
#2015-03-03 Number representations Added fractions and English ordinals
Changed everything to use rational numbers. In case that causes problems, the previous version is still available.
#2015-05-01 "Everything" formula New page
Measurements Added areas, volumes, and a few more lengths
Bytes Added MacRoman
#2015-05-17 Number representations Added factorial base (and recursive factorial)
Measurements Added unusual and astronomical lengths
Added petahertz, exaherts, tempo markings, note names, audio, and time-based frequency units
Added an option to add/subtract/multiply/divide/raise to a power the current number
Added more specific sources in the footer
#2015-07-08 Dates New page
Measurements Added temperature
Number representations Added Fouriest transform, Chinese numbers, and more buttons to change the current number
Times of day Removed the link, since most of it is just arbitrary stuff using the numbers in the time
#2015-08-04 First version on
Number representations Added factors
#2015-09-16 Time zones Changed "sun time" to "mean solar time", since I think that's more accurate to what I was actually calculating.
#2015-09-20 "Everything" formula Added a reset button and buttons to perform mathematical operations on y
#2015-09-22 Added a description to the top of the main page
#2015-09-30 Measurements Added a picture to the angle section and the "n-gon" subsection
Added other temperature units to the temperature differences section (including Planck temperature)
#2015-11-11 Bytes Changed labels from saying "UCS-2" to "UTF-16" and added a note that the UTF-8 conversion wouldn't work for some characters, because I hadn't realized before that JavaScript strings were UTF-16
Changed titles of a bunch of things
#2015-12-08 Dates Made the Gregorian calendar work with older dates and added the Julian calendar and Julian day
#2016-01-25 Latitude/longitude distance New page
#2016-02-01 Kaufman decimals New page
#2016-03-15 Phonetics Increased the height for the IPA text field
#2016-03-23 Number types New page; had real numbers, complex numbers, quaternions, and ordinals
#2016-04-08 Number types Added IEEE floating point, extended real number line, projective real number line, and cardinals
#2016-04-22 Changed external links from http: to https: throughout my site whenever possible
#2017-06-15 Number representations Added quote notation, Fibonacci coding, and continued fractions
Changed the ordinary positional notation section to allow each row's options to be changed (instead of having everything be fixed and just one "other" row)
Moved sexagesimal to the ordinary positional notation section and made it so any base above 36 will act like sexagesimal
Removed "upside down" (which was just calculator writing)
#2017-09-12 Number types Added p-adic numbers, modular arithmetic, and 2-element boolean algebra
Added square roots
Switched the precedence of multiplication and division
Added the ability to post comments
#2017-10-02 Number types Added natural numbers, integers, split-complex numbers, dual numbers, the circle group, and supernatural numbers
Added the ability to see multiple number types at once
Added log-base, absolute value, complex conjugate (conj), gcd, and lcm operators, and e_n notation for entering complex-like numbers
#2017-12-01 Measurements Added some less serious temperature systems (Felsius, radians C, radians F)
Fixed the spelling of "Celsius", which apparently has an "s" and not another "c".
Added the ability to post comments
#2017-12-01 Measurements Changed it to use rationals internally, which should hopefully make rounding errors less common
#2018-11-12 Measurements Added °M
Fixed the spelling of Felsius
#2018-12-02 Reorganized my site so most of this is available from the new math page (changed breadcrumbs, added a note about the reorganization).
Added the ability to post comments to many/all(?) pages
#2019-12-07 Number types Made multiplication and division the same precedence
#2020-06-07 Added this version history page
Changed xkcd forum links to point to the web archive :(
Bytes Made UTF-8 work for characters over U+10000 and added UCS-4