The Notebook

Part 1

Once there was a notebook. It was a good notebook, spiral-bound with my name on it.

"I am your notebook", said the notebook. "Write in me."

I took the notebook to class. I wrote in it. I wrote long things and short things.

"You are a good writer", said the notebook. "I shall keep your stories safe!"

One day I looked for my notebook and couldn't find it. "Where is my notebook?" I asked myself. I looked in my room where I thought I'd left it. It was not there. I looked at school, where I might have left it. It was not there.

(To be continued)

Then I looked in my room again.

The notebook was there! "I found you!" I said. "Don't ever leave me again!"

The end.

Part 2

Once there was a notebook and a pencil.

"Hello, notebook", said the pencil.

"Hello, pencil", said the notebook.

"Let's be friends!" said the pencil.

"Yes let's!" said the notebook.

"I'll write in you every day!" said the pencil.

Time passed, and the pencil did often write in the notebook. Over time, however, there became more and more days when the pencil was not interested in the notebook.

"You're spending all your time with that pen!" said the notebook.

"No I'm not", said the pencil.

"Prove it!" said the notebook.

"Okay, I'll write every day!" said the pencil. (To be continued... by the fact that there's more writing after this)