Yes. No. Huh?

I hate like don't know it. They.

What the heck?!

I should should not AAAAA! You I he she it they.

But... but you said I said that huh

No I didn't say that... did he?

Look! There's a kitty! Don't you see it?

It was there. I swear...

My whole life Something I've never thought about except once.

Was zum Teufel?

I need something. I need that. I need to get away from that.


I want to sleep. Then I wake up.

Is this a dream? A nightmare?!

Do I still have a life ahead of me?!

I want to go home. I want to go back and change things. I wish that had never happened. I wish I didn't wish that had never happened.

I think I'm going insane. HELP!

I wish I hadn't said that. I wish I'd said that earlier.

My whole life... uʍop əpisdn. All nine of them.

Why me?! Why now?!

I would never... but would I?! I have always...


I want... but do I actually?

I don't know. I do NOT know. Ich weiß nicht, was ich will. No sé! Know I not. That is not something I know. It is not a part of my knowledge. On to̽ tilanas carā sė.

I feel so alone. But am I?


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