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S[+fortis] T[+fortis] n[+fortis] r[+fortis]

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44 Vasconic44.1 Proto-Vasconic to AquitanianS[+ fortis] → S[- voice]ː (specifically, the source lists t[+ fortis] k[+ fortis] → t(ː) k(ː), both of the tokens with optional length suffixes and *aTa → 〈atta〉, so I’m extrapolating)
n[+ fortis] → n(ː) / V_V
n[- fortis] n[+ fortis] → {n,r}(?) n
r[+ fortis] → ɾ / _#
r[+ fortis] → r
44.2 Proto-Basque to Basquen[+ fortis] → n

to /[+fortis]/

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17 Indo-European17.2.1 Common Anatolian to HittiteT D → T[+fortis] T[+lenis]
17.2.2 Common Anatolian to LuwianT D → T[+fortis] T[+lenis]
17.2.5 Common Anatolian to PalaicT D → T[+fortis] T[+lenis]