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9 Austroasiatic9.1.1 Proto-Vietic to Muong Khen{n̥j,nj,ɲ̊j,ɲj} → ɲ j
9.1.2 Proto-Vietic to Middle Vietnamese{n̥j,nj,ɲ̊j,ɲj} → ɲ (Thompson appears to me to have hedged a bit on the last one; based on other evidence in the paper I’m sticking this one as a palatal nasal)
38 Tai-Kadai38.1.1.2 Proto-Tai to Saekɲ̊ → j

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10 Austronesian10.3.5.3 Proto-New Caledonia to Nemi-Pije-Fwain n̥ → ɲ ɲ̊ / _E