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from /ʍ/

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17 Indo-European17. Early Modern English to American Englishʍ → w (regional) Early Modern English to Australian Englishʍ → w Early Modern English to British Englishʍ → w Early Northern Middle English to Scotsʍ → xw (some speakers seem to have resisted this) Middle English to Yolaʍ → f (at least one instance of → w, before a high front vowel)

to /ʍ/

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17 Indo-European17. Old English to Scotsxw → ʍ Old Norse to Orkney Nornhw hj → {w,ʍ} ʃ
29 Na-Dene29. Proto-Athabaskan to Dogribts tsʰ tsʼ s z → kʷ kʷʰ kʷʼ ʍ w Proto-Athabaskan to Bearlake Slavey-Harets tsʰ tsʼ s z → kʷ kʷʰ kʷʼ ʍ w
32 Oto-Manguean32.1.3 Proto-Chatino to Yaitepec Chatinokʷ → ʍ / ku_ (medial)
hʷ → ʍ
37 Siouan-Iroquoian37.1 Proto-Siouan-Iroquoian to Proto-Iroquoianpʰ → ʍ (this is a bit of a guess; the paper proper has 〈hw〉 here)

with context involving /ʍ/

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17 Indo-European17.7.1 Common Germanic to Gothic— i → ɛ / _{r,h,ʍ}