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17 Indo-European17.5.1 Proto-Indo-European to Old Irishp t k kʷ b d ɡ m n l r s → f θ x xʷ v ð ɣ M N L R h / V(#)_{R,V} (“We don’t know the exact values of lenited /m n l r/. We can guess that lenited m became a nasalized labial continuant of some sort, but beyond that, we don’t know.”)
33 Penutian33.2.1 Proto-Wintuan to NomlakiVrV → {Vː,M}

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17 Indo-European17.7.2.3 Middle High German to Standard German∅ → ə / M_r% (I don’t know what Mr. Ciupak means by 〈M〉)