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from /N[-voice]/

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9 Austroasiatic9.1.1 Proto-Vietic to Muong KhenN[-voiced] W[-voiced] → N[+voiced] W[+voiced]
9.1.2 Proto-Vietic to Middle VietnameseN[-voiced] W[-voiced] → N[+voiced] W[+voiced]
38 Tai-Kadai38.1.1.1 Proto-Tai to AhomN[- voice] l̥ → N[+ voice] l Proto-Tai to SaekN[- voice] → N[+ voice] Proto-Tai to Central TaiN[- voice] → N[+ voice]

to /N[-voice]/

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10 Austronesian10. Proto-Northern to Nixumwak-NêlêmwaSN → N[- voice] Proto-New Caledonia to NyelâyuSN → N[- voice] Proto-New Caledonia to Proto-YunagaSN → N[- voice]
17 Indo-European17. Old Norse to Early IcelandicN → N[- voice] / O_#

with context involving /N[-voice]/

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17 Indo-European17. Early Modern English to American Englishæ → æː (e.g., NYC) or ɑː (e.g., Boston) / _{F[-voiced],N[-voiced]} (“words which change vary between dialects”) Early Modern English to Australian Englishæ → æː → ɑː / _{F[-voiced],N[-voiced]} Early Modern English to British Englishæ → æː → ɑː / _{F[-voiced],N[-voiced]}