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17 Indo-European17.11.1 Proto-Slavic to PolishO[+voice] → O[-voice] / _# (unless followed by some type of voiced consonant, be it any type of consonant or just an obstruent—this differs by location) Latin to FrenchO[+voiced] → O[-voiced] / _#
41 Trans-New Guinea41.5.2.3 Proto-Kainantu to GadsupYO[+ voice] YO[- voice] → Y t
DO[+ voice] DO[- voice] → nd nt

with context involving /O[+voice]/

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10 Austronesian10.2.6.1 Proto-North Sarawak to Kiputa → i / O[+voiced]…_(C)# “(blocked if there was an intervening nasal, and sometimes if there was an intervening voiceless stop or liquid)”