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10 Austronesian10.2.6 Proto-Malayo-Polynesian to Proto-North Sarawakbː dː dzː ɡː → bʱ dʱ dzʱ ɡʱ (Whimemsz says these become “voiced stops with voiceless releases. . .treated as unit phonemes, not clusters)”

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17 Indo-European17.7.2.5 West Germanic to Old Low Germanvː ɣː hː → bː ɡː xː (perhaps not strictly a sound change, but worth noting) Old Norse to Orkney Nornp(ː) t(ː) k(ː) → b(ː) d(ː) ɡ(ː) / {V,R}_{V,R} Latin to Sardiniankw ɡw → pː bː / #_ (“[o]nly Logudorese”)
47 Most-Wanted Sound Changes47.2 List 2: Conditional or complex consonant changesb d ɡ → bː dː ɡː / V_V (some dialects of Italian; there may be more to it than this, since words like “repubblica” are in standard Italian and not just dialects)