Index Diachronica: involving /d2/

from /d2/

5 matches

10 Austronesian10.6 Proto-Austronesian to Proto-Paiwanb d2 → {v,b} z
10.7 Proto-Austronesian to Proto-RukaiS1 s d2 *C → s θ ð ts (not sure what *C stands for here)
30 Niger-Congo30.1.1 Pre-Proto-Bantu to Proto-Bantud2 → d / in C2 position
30.1.2 Pre-Proto-Bantu to Proto-Manenguba’p ’t ’d/d2 c {’ɟ} ’k ɡ → f l ɟ s ∅ {w,∅} {k,w} / in C1 position
p t ’t {’d,d2} c k ’k → b d l {l,∅} ɟ ɡ ∅ / in C2 position