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10 Austronesian10.3.2 Proto-Oceanic to Hiwa(C)V[+ high] a(C)V[+ mid] aCa → ɔ(C) a(C) {ɔ,a}(C)ə
i(C)V[+ high] i(C)V[+ mid] i(C)a → i(C) i(C)ə {e,i}(C)ə
o(C)V[+ high] o(C)V[+ mid] o(C)a → ɵ(C) o(C) ɔ(C)ə
10.3.3 Proto-Oceanic to Lemerig— eCV[+ mid] → ɛC Proto-Northern to Nixumwak-NêlêmwaV[+ mid] → a / near nasals?
10.4.1 Proto-Micronesian to MarshalleseV[+mid] → ɘ / _C[+high] when stressed

with context involving /V[+mid]/

1 match

10 Austronesian10.3.2 Proto-Oceanic to Hiwa → e / _CV[+ mid] (sporadic)