Index Diachronica: involving /xː/

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xʲː plain

from /xː/

11 matches

11 Northeast Caucasian11.1.3 Proto-Avar-Andic to Avars sː ɬː x xː → {s,ʃ} x ɬ {x,h} x
11.3 Proto-Northeast Caucasian to Khinalugsː ɬ(ː) xː → h xʲ x
11.5.1 Proto-Lezgic to Agulɬ(ː) xː → xʲ x
11.5.2 Proto-Lezgic to Archisː xː → {sː,h} x
11.5.3 Proto-Lezgic to Lezghiʃː ɬ ɬː x xː → ɣʲ j ʃ ɣ x
11.5.4 Proto-Lezgic to Rutulsː ɬ(ː) xː → {ħ,xʲ} {sː,h} x
11.5.5 Proto-Lezgic to Tabassaranɬ {ʃː,ɬː} xː → xʲ ʃ x
11.5.6 Proto-Lezgic to Udi{ɬ(ː),xː} → x
11.6 Proto-Northeast Caucasian to Nakhʃː ɬː xː → ʃ ɬ x
11.7 Proto-Northeast Caucasian to Proto-Tsezics xː → z x
42 Uralic42.1.1.1 Proto-Finnic to Proto-Finnish{z,x(ː)} → h

to /xː/

7 matches

6 Afro-Asiatic6. Classical Arabic to Cypriot Arabicnx → xː
11 Northeast Caucasian11.2 Proto-Northeast Caucasian to Dargitɬ tɬː tɬʼ tɬːʼ → k {xʲː,kː} kʰ {ɡ,q}(?)
11.4 Proto-Northeast Caucasian to Laktɬ tɬː tɬ(ː)ʼ dɮ → xʲ xː kʼ {kː,l}
ʃ ɬ ɬː → s {xʲ,ʃ} xː
17 Indo-European17.7.2.4 High German Cosonant Shift and Umlautp t k → fː zː xː / V_V West Germanic to Old Low Germanvː ɣː hː → bː ɡː xː (perhaps not strictly a sound change, but worth noting)
42 Uralic42.1.1.1 Proto-Finnic to Proto-Finnish(t(ː))sn kx(tx) rn ln → sː xː rː lː