Disconnected Space version history

  1. # 2021-06-12 (0.2): first version
  2. # 2021-06-12 (0.3): add another level, modify a later level, add full screen option, add an animation for winning the level, make the sides of the screen hurt
  3. # 2021-06-12 (1.0): 5 more levels, in-game story text, starry background, tweak end-of-level animation
  4. # 2021-06-12 (1.0.1): small changes to a level
  5. # 2021-06-13 (1.0.2, jam version): changed how pushing a box interacts with going through a portal so hopefully things don't seem as glitchy; very minor tweak to the last level
  6. # 2021-06-24 (1.1): audio, options menu, added a new level to the beginning, moved things around in a few levels, changed/added some graphics, wrote commentary (which includes more details about this update)