Physicist aesthetics

Dreamt the night ending 2016-02-23

I was in a large room, multiple stories tall, and each floor of the building had a hall going all the way around the room, with a rail, so one could stand in the hallways and look down into the main room, and many doors on each floor to smaller rooms. The room was decorated with various plants, and on one side of the room there was a waterfall that went in front of the hallways. The lighting in the room was a bit dark (but still light enough to see clearly), and had a noticeable blue tint, which I thought made it look better than if it just had ordinary lights. This room was part of a college, and belonged to the biology department.

On the second floor, directly behind the waterfall, was a door, and I went inside. Inside was a smaller room, much plainer, no plants or furniture or anything. It was noticeably lighter and the light was noticeably yellower, which I found to be harsher. There were no windows. The walls were white. There were open doors to more rooms that looked similar, which in turn had doors to even more rooms. This area was the physics department, and there were physics labs somewhere in there.

Then I was back in the first room, and some people were talking. One of them said that physicists have no sense of aesthetics, since the physics department was so dull looking compared to the biology room, with its plants and big waterfall. I thought, But to get to the physics department, you need to go through the biology room, and behind the big waterfall—physicists have a sense of aesthetics because of that.