Oil planets

Dreamt the night ending 2016-02-28

I was outside, at night, hovering above the ground. I could see the stars above me; below me was only grass, which was dark but still visible, and one little girl, with straight blond hair, looking at Mars. I was high enough that the horizon of the Earth looked curved. I heard a male voice, but never saw the person the voice belonged to. He said, "There are some directions, where if you go out into space, and keep going in a straight line in that direction, all the planets you'll encounter will be the same type of planet."

I thought about Mars, and (perhaps since it was red) thought it was a fire planet, and imagined seeing a few different fire planets, with big flames, near Mars. I pointed to Mars and asked, "So if we go that way, will we see a bunch of fire planets?"

The voice said, "No, it only works in some directions." At this point I was thinking that this was something like a non-constructive proof, that we know that there are such directions, and just don't know which directions those are or what types of planets. However, then he said, "This direction is probably oil planets." A yellow symbol, a filled-in circle with four quarter-circles around it, appeared in my field of vision, pointing to a part of the sky 37° up from the horizon.

I started moving in that direction, at a constant speed, a bit faster than walking speed, in a straight line. I got the end of our solar system without encountering any planets, and entered another solar system. Soon a planet came up on my left. It was black and shiny, and had an atmosphere whose edge appeared zigzaggy. I knew this planet must be made out of oil.

Then I came across a large candlabra, with around twelve candles arranged in a circle, all lit, floating in space, oriented the same way I was (i.e., didn't look upside-down). I thought, unironically, Ah, it's a natural formation, which occurs whenever there's a lot of oil around. I then passed another, smaller, candlabra, which wasn't lit and only had three candles; we couldn't see it well at first, but then I lit it, and I could see it clearly. I also passed another, smaller oil planet, which was on my right.