Dream: Twilight Boarding School

Dreamt the night ending 2010-05-25

My parents had decided to send me to boarding school, and for some reason the school they'd decided to send me to was for fans of the Twilight books and movies (even though I've never read or seen any of those). We got to a building that was a train station, and then she left me to find where I was supposed to go by myself. I found a sign (it was a blue sign with white lettering that stuck down from the ceiling) that said "boarding-school pick-ups", and that looked promising, so I went there. From there I saw another sign that said "vampire-themed boarding schools". I was surprised that not only were there more than one vampire-themed school, but that these were common enough to get their own section (these were permanent-looking signs). I stood there and waited.

When I first started standing there, there wasn't anyone there yet. Then someone came, who probably worked there, and asked which school I was going to. I couldn't remember the name (since my mom had signed me up for it without consulting me; I did know the name when I got there, I had just forgotten), so I indicated that to him, and then I said, "but it's the one themed after the Twilight books". I stood there thinking about how I probably wouldn't like a Twilight-themed boarding school, and wondering why I had to go there. He didn't respond, but then a bunch of students started coming, and the person working there said he wanted to sort out who's going to which school. Each person there mentioned the name of a school, but none of them rang a bell for me.

Then everyone there (about thirty people) was from the same school that I was going to, and there was a male teacher in front. There was some confusion as to whether maybe we were supposed to stand somewhere else. Then the issue of payment was brought up; each student was supposed to pay five dollars, but no one—not even me—had paid or had the money with them. At that point in the dream, the building we were in was an apartment building, and everyone there except me was living in one of the apartments (apparently there were multiple places to drop people off, and this happened to be the closest to our house). We went to one student's apartment, and the teacher knocked on the door. When no one answered, he threatened to send the class of blood-thirsty vampires after them. I thought about what I'd do if they asked me which apartment I lived in—"I took the bus", I'd say. Apparently my mom had taken me most of the way, but the bus took me the rest (though "the rest" may have been through the building), so that wouldn't be completely false.

They did this for every student, though after two or three apartments, the dream cut to when there were only two left, one of them being me. The other student apparently lived in a house in the middle of a field next to the building, and we were in said field. They obtained the money from that house, and the teacher said that there was only one unit left. While as far as I could tell, he didn't know who still had to pay, at this point I realized that no one else had failed to pay for any reason, so I probably couldn't get away with not paying and they would eventually figure out who hadn't payed.

At that point I saw my mom walking towards us. I ran up to her and said, "Give me five dollars! Quick!" For some reason my mom started running away. The teacher pointed at my mom, and I put my arms in front of him, trying to get push his hand down, as if he were trying to attack someone (he wasn't, at least not yet) and I was trying to defend. "You do not attack my mom!" I shouted. I repeated that sentence. Then I woke up.