Dream: Text bug

Dreamt the night ending 2024-03-16

I was in a big, dimly-lit room, so big and dark that everything in the distance just faded to black and I couldn't see the walls. In front of me was a big, dark gray table, along the entire length of the wall, big enough that I couldn't see the wall behind it. Other than that, the room and table were empty, except for a few people near the walls to my left and right, and a tiny black insect crawling on the table in front of me.

I thought I saw, out of the corner of my eye, three letters in the direction of the bug. I looked again, and there were three black letters (but not the ones I'd seen before), that were kind of, like, sticking out of the bug somehow. Each time I looked away and looked back, the letters changed, mostly to other letters, but at one point one of them was a percent sign.

(A dark scene with a table, and on the table is a tiny bug with the letters "sco" above it.)

Then I somehow end up in another room, which was smaller had had no other people in it, but otherwise looked the same as the first room, and the bug was there with me.

At this point the bug was much larger (although I thought it had always been this size), and had a flat back, and the text was now a pattern of coloration on the bug's back, black text on a white background. There was also more text now, multiple lines with real words, as if someone had cut out a bug-shaped section of a newspaper and stuck it onto the bug's back.

Every so often the text would change to something else, and at this point I saw it change. Mostly it was just text, but at one point it had a newspaper ad with a red square that said "70% OFF" in big white letters. I thought about how the bug didn't understand the text, and was just copying patterns ze'd seen.

(A larger bug, with a white back that has "70% off" written on it in Impact font.)

Then ze started changing the text much more rapidly, and I got out my camera and took a video. At one point, around the start of the video, the pattern changed to a piece of a QR code, and I was looking at the camera, hoping it would focus properly before it changed to something else, since I was wondering if it was a real QR code and maybe I could get the computer to read it later. Then I realized that it didn't have the alignment squares in the corners, so it probably wouldn't be readable.